Welcome to Jackson Clip

Jackson Clip Company prides itself as a premium manufacturer and supplier of quality wire products for the erosion control, landscape and agricultural industries.

Our central location, combined with purchasing power and over 30 years of wire-forming experience allow Jackson Clip to provide a quality product at a competitive price that is readily available to our distributors. We generate large production runs and can package to suit customer specification and needs.

Our commitment is to provide a variety of quality products with exceptional customer service.

Our Products


Fabric/Turf staples are primarily used for securing erosion blankets, filter fabric, landscape fabric and grass sod to the ground as specified by the material supplier. Other specified uses include ground cover mats, shade cloth, jute and straw blankets.

All turf staples are manufactured in the United States.

Size Chart


Fabric/Washer Pins are typically used in the erosion control industry to secure straw blankets. However, because of their strength and durability, they can be used for various blanket and soil applications.

The Fabric/Washer Pins are made of 6 gauge (.187) hard drawn wire. The washers are 1 ½ inches in diameter and 1/16” thick.

8″ – 250 Clips/Box – 100 Boxes/Pallet
12″ – 100 Clips/Box – 100 Boxes/Pallet
18″ – 100 Clips/Box – 100 Boxes/Pallet


The edging pin is used in the landscape industry to secure both steel and galvanized edging. This product gives the stability you are looking for with a “finished” look.

Edging Pins are made of 8 gauge (.157) brite or commercial galvanized wire.

11” Steel Edge Pins – 500 Pins/Box – 40 Boxes/Pallet
11” Galvanized Edge Pins – 500 Pins/Box – 40 Boxes/Pallet


Used for drip irrigation, the S-8 Rain hooks are made of 12 gauge (.105) class 1 galvanized wire.

S-8 Rain hooks – 1000 Hooks/Box – 100 Boxes/Pallet


Jackson Clip Company manufactures T-post fence clips designed for easy use with studded T-Posts. To meet customer needs, the T-post clips are made of Class I or Class III galvanized coating which meets or exceeds ASTM standards. These fence clips fit standard light weight, 1.25 or 1.33 lb/ft T-Post.

Our T-Post clips can be custom packaged in 25’s, 50’s or 100’s with single polybags and packaged 1000 in a bag or box with your personal logo.

We also have a Sheffield Clips( Clips on Tape)
– Sold in truckload and pallets quantities.


Galvanized spiral fence stays keep barbed wire lines trim and evenly spaced.

They are available in 100 piece bundles of 36”,38”,42” and 48”.


Great for tagging seedling plots. Made of .115 brite wire.

Stakes measure 18”long on feature a wire loop at the top for securing and identification tag.